Wireless remote control systems for boat lifts

The Boat Lift Remote Control allows the operator of a boat to drive up into a boat house and press a button on the key chain remote to start the boat lift. We offer remote control systems for both Hydraulic Boatlifts and Electric Boatlifts .The wireless key chain remote system is designed to work with virtually every type of boat lift control.



Up to 30 different remotes can be programmed to one receiving unit, this feature allows a Boat Lift to be operated by multiple remotes, or if someone should lose a remote, the replacement and programming of a new remote very simple to do.


The Boat Lift Remote Control system is totally waterproof, and can take a lot of physical abuse.

Quick erase remotes:

All of the remotes that have been programmed to a receiving unit can be erased from the receiverís eeprom by holding the button down on the receiver unit.

Small package:

The Boat Lift Remote Control systems have been made as compact as possible using the latest in SMT RF technology.

Multiple voltage range:

These units are sold as either a 12- 24 volt ac/dc system , making it adaptable to most Boat Lifts.


The transmitting and receiving ranges for these systems are around 150 feet.



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